Saturday, December 1, 2012

Where Secrets Lie by Donna Marie Lanheady


Five stars.

I received this book through Goodreads First Reads

Where Secrets Lie is a short but powerful novel that explores the fragile web of lies that families have tucked away, in order to retain a sense of normalcy. In this book we are introduced to three females- the mother and her two daughters- and each of the secrets that they keep. Lee, the mother, is the ringleader and champion secret keeper, who only wants what is best for her family. Sara, the eldest daughter, has been sabotaging her and her husband's attempts to have a baby, but the reason why is something that she keeps to herself, and that eats away at her. And then there's the youngest daughter, Katie, who wears a mask every day of her life. Her mother has no idea that Katie's roommate, Emily, is in fact her girlfriend, and they are happily in love.

This story spans over one day of events, but is largely written in flashbacks/memories. I found the transition between the past and present easy to follow, and I appreciated that the chapters were divided up between the characters, instead of randomly switching off. In addition, the setting of Colorado is described beautifully, it made me want to pay a visit.

I positively adored this book. Admittedly, my adoration has to do with a strong personal attachments to one of the characters, Katie. I was moved by this story, and I wanted to read it again almost immediately after finishing it. I feel that everyone can take something away from this novel.

I give it five emotional stars, and eagerly await the next step in their family's saga


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