Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Thread of Deepest Black by Finn Marlowe


Four stars.

Werewolves, whips, and pretty men? Sign me up. I was so excited when I received this book through Goodreads First Reads.

This is a passionate story of two men- one a shifter, and one a werewolf- and the forbidden love they face. Wanting nothing more than an honorable death, Colton comes to a werewolf named Killian to ask for death. Considering it, Killian makes a negotiation- he'll consider it only if Colton spends one night in his bed. After that night, their fates cross paths, and they must work together in a way they never expected. With each flick of the whip, the threads of Colton's identity begin to unravel, showing Killian that there's more than meets the eye, and that all of those secrets, all of Colton, are simply his.

I very much enjoyed this story. The sex scenes were written in a steamy, sexy way without making it come across as crude or rushed. There was a lovely blend of emotions and details from both male characters. It was easy and hot to read. Come for the sex (or from it, I promise not to judge), but stay for the plot. Even if the sex scenes were to be taken out of the novel, though I don't know why you'd want to do that, there is still a decent plot involving corruption and quite a few fights.

There were admittedly a few parts that seemed a bit redundant at times, but as the book pressed on, I stopped noticing or caring (I'm not sure which).

I recommend it for people who enjoy any combination of wolves, erotica, BDSM, and male-male action, and I will definitely be reading it again.


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