Sunday, December 2, 2012

North Pole High: A Rebel Without a Claus by Candace Jane Kringle

Title: North Pole High: A Rebel Without a Claus
Author: Candace Jane Kringle
Format: Paperback, 314 pages
Pub. Date: October 2nd 2012


Five stars.

North Pole High is the memoir of none other than the princess of Christmas herself, Candycane Claus. That's right. The one and only daughter of Santa. At sixteen, she has a pretty jolly life. A half-elf boyfriend who's totally hot chocolate, great grades in her classes. She even has a candy striped Range Rover and a penguin for a chef- how chill is that? But all that comes tumbling down like an uneven snowpile once Rudy Tutti comes into town. Rudy hates Christmas. He outgrew it, and didn't even think Santa was real until he met the big guy in the doughy flesh. Candy wants nothing to ignore him, but when they're forced to design a Christmas tree together in class, all bells break lose. A rebellious spark in her ignites like a mall Christmas light display.... But can she pull her act together, and salvage things in the love department, before Christmas is ruined for everyone?


Lords a'leapin', I cannot stress how much I loved this book. It is the first book I've laughed out loud while reading in a long time. This definitely put me in the Christmas spirit.

+ I loved the setting. Candy canes grow wild, there's a hot chocolate pond. Reindeer poop is chocolate. Honestly, what person wouldn't want to live in such a splendiforous place? I was sucked into the North Pole immediately.

+ It wasn't instant love. In a lot of YA books I've read lately, it just takes one look and the girl is smitten. In this book, there's a bit of time for her to mull things over and decide.

+ Rudy is lovely. As are most of the other characters. Each one was described well, and the proper emotion was conveyed while reading. Santa was mean, for starters. And her best friend was a bit dramatic and moody. But each one was well represented and written.

+ Overall story and premise is adorable. I loved it.

+ The innuendos made the book even more hilarious, in my opinion.

- My one fault with this story is that the gay character's named Queero. Granted, the chef's name is Chefy. But, being LGBT, that was a bit offensive.

All that being said, I definitely recommend this book to YA readers or anyone YA+ who wants a lighthearted Christmassy read. Prepare to giggle, curl up with a glass of hot chocolate and your most favorite blanket, and enjoy the adventures of the North Pole.

Thanks to the lovely Candace Jane Kringle and for my copy of this book!


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