Sunday, December 2, 2012

On the Island by Tracey Garvis-Graves

Title: On the Island
Author: Tracey Garvis-Graves
Format: Paperback, 319 pages
Pub. Date: July 17th 2012
Source: AToMR Book Blog Tours and WinterHaven Books blog


Five stars.

On the Island is a book that takes place, as you may have guessed, on an island. Anna is a thirty-something teacher who has been hired to tutor TJ- a sixteen year old boy in remission- during his summer vacation in the Maldives. All is well as they fly from Chicago to the Maldives, but their next leg of travel isn't so smooth. Their pilot is dead before the plane hit the water, and they find themselves stranded on an unoccupied island with only whatever supplies wash in from the crash. Bonds are formed- Anna watches TJ grow into a man, and TJ only has thoughts for Anna. But worry is always on their mind. Will TJ's cancer come back? Will they get off of the island? Will either of them acknowledge the growing attraction between them, though the world outside of the island would tell them that it's wrong?



That was my actual thought at the end of this book. You can ask my girlfriend, who received that text. I was filled with so many emotions that it kind of all just came out in one incoherent whale noise.

I loved this book. It is written in alternating points of view, giving a well rounded plot from both sides of the relationship. The writing easily maintained my attention, and managed to be both descriptive and beautiful yet so lonely and sad. Being twenty myself, I felt that I related both to the young student TJ as well as the female, Anna. This novel is surprisingly not dull, considering that it takes place on an island with only two people. The plot twists made my hopes soar, as well as break my heart. I admittedly cried, & was way more attached to the outcome of this story than I would have ever guessed.

This is one of the few times that I am very glad I listened to the hype & reviews. This book did not disappoint, and Tracey Garvis-Graves has made a fan of me. I cannot wait to read whatever she puts out next.

A uncommonly given but well-deserved five stars, I recommend this for women who love romance, or anyone looking for a summer, beachy read. Be advised though, if you find a relationship between a teacher and student too risque or taboo, pick up a different novel. You won't like this one.

Thanks to AToMR Book Blog Tours and WinterHaven Books blog for sending me this book.


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