Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Hook's Pan by Marie Hall

Title: Hook's Pan (Kingdom #5)
Editor: Marie Hall
Format: egalley edition
Pub. Date: April 25th 2013
Source: Netgalley & Marie Hall Publishing


Five sizzling, swashbuckling stars.

Captain James Hook has fueled legends here on earth. A scoundrel, a bastard who thrives on only one thing: capturing and ending the life of that perpetual child that we know so well- Peter Pan. But there's more to him than meets the eye, and fairy godmother Danika knows it. One of her "bad boys", she's vowed to help him find love again after he lost the love of his life, the beautiful mermaid Talia. Only, the woman she chooses, Trishelle, wants no part of this. Cold from her life experiences, she wants nothing to do with love, or Hook. Three days is all they get to fall in love, but with her old soul and Hook's misunderstood ways..... Will they find love together?


I could honestly fangirl over the Kingdom series forever. I love these twists on the fairy tales we all love and adore. Marie Hall uses her own imagination to give depth to characters, make them more adult, and create new worlds to fall in love with. Hook's Pan is no exception.

+Captain Hook is completely swoon worthy. An attractive, smoldering man in this tale, he is brutish but also very smooth and charming. It is no question why women are drawn to his plundering ways. He is crass to the point of sexy, and has an amazing sex appeal. Not to mention the fact that he calls Trishelle "little bird", and I think that's just darling. It wasn't long before I, like Trish, was developing an attachment to this rebellious scalliwag.

+And then there's Trish. It's not very often that I enjoy females in adult/erotica themed books. But I adore Trish. She's very blunt and sassy, and isn't the type to just lay down and let things happen. She wants control of her own life, to hell with everyone else. Whereas I believe in love, I think these are semi-admirable traits, and are a nice change from the slew of damsels in distress that I've read about lately.

+The scenery of these fairy tale realms are simply beautiful. Marie Hall takes the reader to the bottom of the ocean to frolic with seahorses and dine with mermaids, and then lifts them up to sail the air currents to see a cave of glowfish. I am drawn to these fantastical places, and I wouldn't want to leave them, not one bit. I felt utterly lost in them- this book is a great escape.

+The sex scenes are passionate, detailed, and well paced without coming off as overly crude or redundant. The steam level is through the roof, and they definitely will satisfy a naughtier palate.

My issues with this book were few: occasional choppy, incomplete sentences and sparing instances were Trish sounded a bit porn star-esque during sex. Neither of these things were enough to hinder my reading to the point where it gets anything less than five stars.

If you are a fan of fairy tales and erotica, or even just pirates, then this short read is a must. Don't forget to check out the rest of the series! If sex isn't your thing- don't read it.

Thank you to Netgalley and Marie Hall Publishing for my electronic copy.


  1. Oh my god, even though you got me wanting to read this book just sitting across from me reading, your review sealed the deal. Excellent review my little Dove, I look forward to reading this in the future.

  2. Please please please do. This series is amazing.

  3. Ahh I keep seeing this series and so need to read it. I love the twist on who the heroes are. How stinking brilliant! Great review Jillyn!

  4. Definitely read it! And thank you :)