Saturday, December 1, 2012

Submission: A Treasury of Women who Like to Give In by Various Authors

Title: Submission: A Treasury of Women who Like to Give In
Author: Various Authors
Format: Kindle Edition
Pub. Date: Amazon.
Source: Winterhaven Books blog


Three stars.

This is a small collection of erotica stories, as the title claims, about submissive women. It's a fast read, & maintained my attention throughout.

My favorite story was entitled "Best In Show" by Rose de Fer. It's a greatly written puppy play story that accurately tells of the complex emotions that come along with it, and of course, the sheer sexuality of it all. To be honest, I'd be interested in reading a longer, or perhaps full length story, from this set of characters.

My main problem with this anthology is that my favorite story, mentioned above, was the first story in the book. After reading that one, everything else seemed a bit dull in comparison.

But overall this is a decent set of stories worth checking out & I don't regret reading it.


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