Saturday, December 1, 2012

At Your Mercy: Tales of Domination by Various Authors

Title: At Your Mercy: Tales of Domination
Author: Various Authors
Format: Kindle Edition
Pub. Date: February 16th 2012
Source: Amazon.


Four stars.

As the title & cover suggest, this is an anthology of short stories regarding BDSM-style erotica. There are 10 separate stories in this collection, written by different authors in a way that make the book flow as though it is simply one author's kinky little black (and blue) book. As a matter of personal opinion, I did prefer the stories in which the females were the subs.

I'm quite picky when it comes to erotica, because so often (in my opinion) the language kills the mood. Within this anthology, however, I found it to be a very good balance of lustful & raunchy, without coming across as trashy.

The two I liked best were Deeper Access & Life Begins at Forty, which I know is a bit contrary to my previous preferences. However, each in turn is a good read, & I found myself craving each story.

I recommend this mix for anyone who likes a bit of whips & chains, be you sub or dom, you'll have something to enjoy.


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