Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Ultimate Werewolf by Various Authors


Three stars.

Over all, I found this anthology to be a hit and miss collection of stories. I did enjoy the many different points of views on lycanthropes, but I often had to force myself through stories. I enjoyed stories such as "Moonlight on the Gazebo" and "Pure Silver". However, stories like "Wolf, Iron, and Moth" and "There's a Wolf in My Time Machine" just left me bored, not to mention the not so infrequent spelling errors ("she shook her heard", for instance). I understand everyone makes mistakes, but I noticed mistakes like this a lot more often than I should have.

If you're looking simply for a collection of wolf stories that step away from the romance (and/or Twilight) genres, then the good stories make up for the bad. However, if you're looking for stories that are bursting with action and gory horror, perhaps seek another collection.


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