Friday, December 7, 2012

Masquerade by Sheri Whitefeather

Title: Masquerade
Author: Sheri Whitefeather
Format: Paperback, 304 pages
Pub. Date: April 6th 2010
Source: Ramblings From This Chick blog

One star.

Amber is a fashion heiress and socialite. She shared a night a while back with two lovers, Jay and Luke, and she can't get either of them out of her mind. She agrees to live with the steamy roommates for a month, and the boys are all too happy to complete the threesome. That is, until Luke uncovers Amber's family tree, which involves a scandalous love affair and murder. The past comes to light and starts to repeat itself, leaving Amber to decide who she should be with, and the risks of falling in love.


This is going to be a short review, to make it as painless as possible.

-I didn't connect to Amber. It's the typical spoiled brat who has too much of a good thing but can't part with anything. First world problems much. Two gorgeous guys want you. Shut up and be happy.

-The sex scenes felt awkward to me. There's a fine line between steamy romance and awkward third wheels. I felt that this book was largely the latter, and I didn't want to continue to read them.

-The book flips between the past royal scandal and the current life of Amber. You can tell because the past is in italics. Pages of it. It bothered me to read that much italics. I don't think it was necessary, a chapter titled with the perspective would have sufficed just fine.

-On that note, I think the scandal is what made this book so hard to read. Make a book in the past or make a book in the present. Stop flipping back and forth. It helped the disconnect from the characters that I felt.

+- The cover is pretty, but it makes the book look a lot more intimate than I personally felt while reading.

Maybe I'm just picky, but this is yet another adult themed book that just left me sighing and disappointed. I say skip it. If you're a superfan of threesomes, maybe you'll enjoy it. But my advice is to simply pass.

Thank you to Ramblings From This Chick blog for my copy.


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