Saturday, December 1, 2012

Star: A Novel by Pamela Anderson


Two stars.

Star Leigh is the woman that every girl wants to be. She's busty and popular, and snags a job a beer girl. Shortly after, her acting career is launch, she's living in California, and getting caught up in the whirl wind of partying, fame, sex, and stardom. She must learn who is a friend, who is an ally, and who just wants to see her crash and burn. After all, being a Star comes with a price, and is it one that she's willing to pay?


This was a quick, easy, typical chick lit summer read. Pamela Anderson gets her story across under the masked label of "fiction", though anyone who is a fan of hers can pick out the comparisons.(Fictional busty blonde Star Leigh gets a job as tool girl on "Hammer Time"). It's not a complete waste of time, but it's clear that she should stick to acting/modeling/defending animals. It's an interesting read, but I found that the end was too soon. I wasn't sure if my book was missing pages, or if it really ended so abruptly. Overall I found Star to be a completely average, one time read.

Fans of Gossip Girl and girly books of that sort might enjoy this far more than I did.


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