Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Growing Dim Project by Nicholas A. McGirr


Three stars.

The Growing Dim Project is a solid book, worth checking out.

Author Nicholas McGirr's words set the scene vividly, making his vision for characters and their surroundings easily conveyed to the reader. The emotions that McGirr pours into his novel is clear, and gives the book a very "real" feel, making the novel seem perhaps a bit unrefined at parts, but full of heart. It makes the book all the more pleasant to the reader.

That being said, the flaw that locked in my rating is the jagged manner in which a good story is told. I found it hard to focus. As opposed to sticking with the view points of a solitary character, McGirr alternates between characters quite frequently, not only to switch scenes, but to give different views on conversations as well. I found myself having to reread a bit here and there in order to double check which perspective I was actually on. It helps you to learn about each character, but I think that could have been done in a smoother way.

All in all though, I found this book a good read. It was worth the struggle I had with the character perspective. A dark, enjoyable balance of rock music, relationships, and Greek mythology make this book one that can please just about anyone who picks it up (or downloads it).

I will definitely be keeping an eye out for other books in this series, and in general by this author, because I think Nicholas McGirr is a genuinely talented author to watch out for.


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