Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Mini Book Review: Light in the Dark (Avery #1.5) by Elizabeth Tuttle!

Title: Light in the Dark
Series: Avery #1.5
Author: Elizabeth Tuttle
Format: ebook, 89 pages
Pub. Date: March 1st 2015
Source: Elizabeth Tuttle via Newsletter

Book Description via Goodreads:

This is not a full length novel. This is a Bonus Short of the Avery series with a collection of scenes from Zander's POV within Spark of Light. These scenes include those you will be familiar with from SOL, but also new scenes from times Avery wasn't around.

***It is not recommended you read this short unless you have read Spark of Light. Light in the Dark Contains major spoilers if read out of order.***



Before I say anything else, I need to stress the importance of reading Spark of Light first. This novella is a short story that offers scenes from the first novel from the alternate point of a different character, so there will be much spoilers and confusion if this is the first story you read from the Avery series!

That being said, I loved this bonus collection of scenes. Spark of Light ended up being one of my favorite books in 2014, so I was super eager to check this one out. Namely because I adore Zander, and these scenes are all rewritten from his point of view. It's written with the same style and flow as the first book, making it seem like these scenes were taken from the book itself.

This novella was a great addition to the series, and is one that all Avery fans should check out. And if you haven't read Spark of Light yet, what's stopping you!? Three words to convince you: dystopian elf magic.

Thanks to Elizabeth Tuttle for sending this out in her newsletter.


  1. If I never stressed this before, I'll stress it now. I NEED SPARK OF LIGHT NOWWWWW. I need it and I need this and huff. Great review though babe.