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Blog Tour- Double Review, Excerpt, & Giveaway of A Story of Submission Trilogy by Alison Tyler!

Book One:

Title: Dark Secret Love

Series: A Story of Submission #1

Author: Alison Tyler

Release Date: September 17th 2013

Publisher: Cleis Press

Book Summary:

Dark Secret Love is a modern-day Story of O, a 9 1/2 Weeks-style journey fueled by lust, longing and the search for true love. Inspired by her BDSM lifestyle and based on her private diaries, Tyler draws on her twenty-five years' experience penning sultry stories to create a scorchingly hot work of autobiographical fiction, a meta-novel with reality at the core.

Take a deep breath and get your safe word handy. Alison Tyler will push your boundaries to their limits—and have you begging for more.



Alison Tyler is one of my favorite erotic writers. I've read a fair number of her anthologies, but never an independent story/novel until I got a hold of this trilogy. Her excellent writing shines even more when she is given more pages to work with. She has a gift for pulling her readers (at least, for pulling) me into her stories, and this one is no exception. I was drawn into Dark Secret Love from the prologue. Tyler's writing ensured that I was with Samantha for every scene, every emotion, and every pain that she felt, and I loved it.

Part of this attachment is probably because this book is a blend of nonfiction and fiction, as Tyler explains in the introduction. I think this gives the book a more personal feel, a raw honesty that I don't often find in BDSM-related books. Maybe that's why I like Samantha so much. I related to this main character so much. The desire for pain, the silent "know" that some people just have about those into the scene. These are all things I've experienced, so I felt for Samantha all the stronger. She was my favorite character. I wasn't always the biggest fan of some of her Dom's decisions, so I wasn't as connected to him.

This is a book about exploration into a dark, sexual place. It was fascinating to see Samantha and her emotions and relationships shape over the course of the novel, and I think that it's something that a lot of people in the BDSM scene will relate to. While I can't speak for everyone, I can certainly say that this sub did.

The sex scenes are well written to say the least. They're detailed, dirty, and I'm sure other D words that I've forgotten. There's plenty of them, and they're sure to arouse you. Even some of the darker scenes- and this book is definitely dark- will tug at people and take them by surprise. That said there is more to sex in this book. It's a blend of romance and erotica and nonfiction and fantasy all with a haunting dark tone lying underneath. It sounds like it has a lot of things put into one, but somehow it works. It works really well.

A quick note on the cover: I think it's perfect. It's feminine and almost innocent looking, but blended with the cuffs it perfectly symbolizes the journey it holds between the covers.

This is one of the few full length novels featuring BDSM themes that I've ever read, and I'm glad that I gave it a try. This is the first book in a trilogy, and I will definitely be continuing on with the series. This is an adult book with adult themes: explicit sex, BDSM, profanity, and things of that nature. If you're a reader over 18+ who have an interest in erotica, bondage, BDSM, or sex in general, I definitely recommend that you check this book out.

I was provided a copy by Cleis Press in exchange for my honest review.

Book Two:

Title: The Delicious Torment

Series: A Story of Submission #2

Author: Alison Tyler

Release Date: December 16th 2013

Publisher: Cleis Press

Book Summary:

The second in a series of novels by bondage connoisseur Alison Tyler features heroine Samantha progressing with her predilections and exploring the deepest recesses of her master's dungeon and her heart. The Delicious Torment is a Story of O meets 9 1/2 Weeks coming-of-age tale fueled by lust, longing, and based on the author's personal diaries. The Delicious Torment takes readers to Sunset Strip, way up in the sky in a penthouse apartment overlooking Los Angeles with a love affair ensconced in an S&M relationship filled with corsets, crops, and plenty of kink. In the introduction Tyler notes, "This is a novel with me at the center. That is, my heroine is based on me. I’ve sketched her with broad strokes, but at our core we are the same. She’s gotten herself entwined with an older man — nothing new there. But now she has to learn how to maneuver a 24/7 relationship."



4.5/5 stars.

Wow. Unlike book one of this trilogy (which don't get me wrong, I definitely enjoyed), The Delicious Torment has left me with far more feelings. The problem is, these feelings are more complex and plentiful than I'm used to, and are harder to process. I was expecting to like this book, but I wasn't expecting to like it better. Please excuse me in advance if this review isn't the most cohesive thing that I've ever written.

This book is a stunning example of Tyler's writing. I think it's absolutely incredible the way that woman can weave a story. She is so detailed that I would swear I was right there in the story. Logically, I know that this is (at least somewhat) a work of fiction and that's not possible. But the emotions are so intense that it's scary, and the visuals are so clear that it's almost filmic. This is especially skillful, because she uses something almost like subliminal detail: there's no long winded paragraphs that talk about the colors of the sunset for three pages, or wordy sentences about the way an autumn road looks. Her words are compacted, to the point, and precise. Each word feels hand-plucked for the page, like an elaborate puzzle.

Honestly, if you had ever asked me if I'd ever describe a BDSM romance that way prior to reading Tyler's work, I would have probably laughed and told you no way. But here we are. It's fantastic.

I think part of why I enjoyed this work more than the first book is the menage turn that the story takes. Jack and Samantha are the main stars of this book, but it isn't too long before Jack's assistant, Alex, gets involved. This makes everything more challenging, more intense, and just more. I'm a sucker for a good menage story, and this book definitely scratches that itch.

Samantha continues her self-exploration and honestly, I kind of love her. She's so strong and dedicated and my inner submissive longs to be a bit more like her. She puts herself through so much pain and struggle and so many obstacles/challenges that it's rather impressive. I felt the same attraction and relation to her that I felt in book one, possibly even more so.

A note on the cover of this book: I absolutely love the way it matches the first (and third) books in the trilogy. I also think it's a great reflection of the book, because her hands are open and up in a more submissive pose than the first one and the shading and colors of the books are darker. Just like Samantha.

This is a sequel, but in my opinion it can be read by itself. Though, I would recommend reading book one and really as much of Alison Tyler's work as possible. This is a dark but beautifully written BDSM novel that I'd recommend to any erotica or BDSM fan who wants more from their book than just sex. (Though don't worry- there's plenty of that too!)

Thanks to Cleis Press for my copy in exchange for my honest review.

Book Three:

Title: Wrapped Around Your Finger

Series: A Story of Submission #3

Author: Alison Tyler

Release Date: September 9th 2014

Publisher: Cleis Press

Book Summary:

Entirely suited to one another, Jack and Samantha continue to explore their sultry, kink-drenched love affair. Jack, a dominant’s Dom, pushes Samantha’s boundaries, making Sam do things she’d never thought she wanted to — never believed she would. He takes her in public, on stage, punishes her with both sensory deprivation and erotic overload. And then he proves to her that all of those actions suit her to perfection. Costumes, erotic toys, role-playing, and a 24/7 BDSM-lifestyle fulfill Samantha’s dirtiest dreams. Yet can she manage to stretch her love for Jack to incorporate his carnal need for his male assistant, Alex, as well? Take the ride with this deviant trio and enjoy their complicated, intricate, happily ever after


From Book 3, Wrapped Around Your Finger

I never smoked.
So when he saw me with that cigarette in hand he took the symbol to mean that I was messing with him. At least, that’s how he acted.
“Where did you get that?”
First words out of his lips.
I didn’t even try to inhale. “Found it.”
He laughed darkly, a 180-degree flip of the laugh he’d given me when I’d appeared as a French Maid. This was his don’t-lie-to-me laugh. I’d been hoping for some “Daddy’s gonna teach you not to smoke” scene, and what I’d walked into was, “Daddy’s gonna teach you not to go through his drawers,” which was something different
entirely, let me tell you
“Give me that.”
I walked forward, so meek already, the cocky attitude disappearing in a breath. I handed over the cigarette and watched as Jack walked to the balcony and stubbed it out. I was already trembling. The events of this evening kept catching me off balance. I felt as if I didn’t know where I was, what I was doing.
“Now tell me,” Jack said, returning to the living room and sitting down on the sofa, so that I was standing in front of him like the naughty fucking schoolgirl I was dressed as. “What was going through your twisted mind when you grabbed that pack?”
“I thought…” I started.
“No,” he interrupted, “you weren’t thinking. If you’d been thinking, you wouldn’t have opened the drawer.”
“I mean,” I said, feeling the flush of heat creeping up my jaw. “I was trying to find something else. Something extra for the outfit.”
He nodded, as if he understood, but his face had that look I couldn’t read. Was he playing with me or was he actually upset? I could never tell. Didn’t matter though.
The results would be the same.
“Bend over the table,” he said now. The coffee table was low, and I had to kneel in order to obey, but I did so immediately, supremely grateful not to have to be looking at him anymore. His eyes were scaring me. That wasn’t a comforting feeling.
Jack didn’t move, and I didn’t speak. Time played with my head. I knew he was staring at me. I could feel his gaze on me. But I kept my face down, aware of the fear running through my body and the arousal building by the second. I would not fail again. I would wait, no matter how long he took, for his next instruction.
Finally, Jack stood, and relief made me sigh. Relief that didn’t actually materialize. I’d thought he would unbuckle his belt, but Jack headed to the bedroom instead. I heard his footsteps, heard the sound of his cabinet opening, but kept my head down. I would behave, I told myself. In spite of being dressed as the most insolent schoolgirl of all time.
I would make Jack proud.
When Jack returned, I didn’t look up to see what implement he’d chosen. I kept my eyes lowered, trying to show him with my attitude that I was learning, that I was submissive and humble and…
Jack would have none of that. “Kiss it,” he said, brandishing the paddle in front of me.
Jack had chosen the one with the studs, and I had to muster pure courage to raise up and press my glossy lips to the hateful thing.
“What are you being spanked for?” Jack asked next, and my shoulders sagged. I wanted him to simply spank me. I hated lectures or being asked to name my sins. I understood that this was why Jack insisted on this part of the scene. Still, I didn’t even try to get away with, “Because I was smoking.” We both knew I’d gone way beyond that lie.
“I went through your drawers.”
“Yes, you did.”
“I shouldn’t have done that without your permission.”
“Right again,” Jack said.
“I’m sorry, Jack.” I actually glanced up at him this time, and he gave me a little half smile, as if he couldn’t help himself. I must have looked so fucking pathetic.
“No,” he said, as I’d known he would. It was almost a ritual between us, the words he said next. “No, you’re not sorry. Not yet. But you will be.”
He started by spanking me against the plaid pleated skirt. The pain was muffled, and Jack knew this. I think he was giving me a moment to gather my thoughts, to steal my emotions.
He raised my skirt after only a few blows, smacking the paddle on top of my panties. I always managed to forget how much this particular paddle could hurt. I drew in my breath, trying to find a way to deal with the sensation, but Jack was working too quickly. Slapping the paddle repeatedly from one cheek to the other, then covering both with the full length of the mean thing. I white-knuckled the edge of the table to keep myself steady. I didn’t want to make a mistake and try to cover my already smarting ass with my hands, didn’t want to irk Jack any more than I already had unintentionally. I didn’t even want to think about what would happen if I failed again.

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    1. Right? They're fantastic. I have book three but didn't read it in time for this post.

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