Monday, September 1, 2014

Double Review: Out of the Box

Title: Out of the Box (On The Edge #7)
Author: Kallysten
Format: Kindle ebook
Pub. Date: March 2nd 2007
Source: Amazon Freebie

Title: Out of the Box 2 (On The Edge #8)
Author: Kallysten
Format: Kindle ebook
Pub. Date: March 2nd 2007
Source: Won from Kallysten


Four and a half stars.


The Out of the Box books are a series of short and steamy novellas. I only happen to own the first two, but I will definitely be continuing on with the series. I don't know why I waited so long to get to them.

Book One is where we meet Virginia. She knows that the On the Edge club is a place frequented by vampires. She was curious, and she couldn't resist the urge to see them, to enjoy their bite. It's there that she meets Anando, who though he is swarmed by eager young ladies, chooses her. Before she knows it, she's back at his place playing a whole new game...

Book one flies by. I knew it would be short (it is a novella after all). But it seemed like I was only just getting started and the first installment was over. I have to say though, it's quality not quantity. Kallysten writes in good detail and knows just how to grab my attention. From Anando's subtle teases, to the big white trunk of "fun" in his room, and even to the steamier pieces, I definitely just wanted more.

Thankfully, I had book two on hand as well.

Book Two of the Out of the Box series takes place a week later, when Virginia finally caves in and returns to the On the Edge club. This time, she tells herself, she will not give in so easily. She will control herself around the dark-honey skinned vampire. She again runs into him and is brought back to his lair for another play session.... But is she truly the one who is in control?

This book was just as good as the first one, but just as quick. I personally found this one to be a bit sexier, and it more accurately played up to what I would enjoy doing were I to stumble across a gorgeous vampire. I liked watching their "relationship" expand a little bit as Virginia tests herself and learns what she really wants, and how he can best give it to her. I'm really bummed I don't yet have book three.

These novellas were both steamy, fast, and fun reads. If you like a good vampire sexcapade mixed with a club scene and trunk full of adult toys, than this is a series I recommend you check out. Both of these novellas earn 4.5 stars. Thanks to author Kallysten for the prize of book two.


  1. Well mark me down as rustled and interested. This sounds like a tantalizing novella series that needs to be in my greedy little claws sooner rather than later.