Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Review: Slave Girl by Lisa Cach

Title: Slave Girl (1,001 Erotic Nights #1)
Author: Lisa Cach
Format: egalley
Pub. Date: July 28th 2014
Source: Netgalley & Pocket Star


Two stars.


I got this book because I love two things featured in it: sex and Rome. I'm a Classics minor, and I have an obsession with things that are in any way Greek or Roman in nature. Plus an erotica on top of it? Sign me up. Unfortunately, I didn't like this nearly as much as I wanted to.

That beings said, it did have some high points going for it in some aspects. I really, really like the concept of this book. A man has been training his slave for years, getting her ready so that he can take her virginity. Only, she gives it to someone else against his orders, someone not even of the same side in politics. I really liked the world Cach created as well. The outfits were well described, as were the people and the places around them. It was really easy to place yourself in the story.

But then things got a bit worse.

This is partially to do with me. If the anatomical words in an erotica don't make it a steamier story, than it is hard for me to get into it. Such was the case with Slave Girl. The fact that the girl's nether-regions (I am purposely being clean here, folks) were referred to as a "cunny" just really rubbed me wrong. It made it hard for me not to laugh, which effectively killed the sexual vibe the author wanted. Sexual, but not romantic. Granted, this is a novella serial, so feelings may develop later, but if you're looking for immediate romance with your sex, this isn't the read for you.

I was also kind of off put by the melding of Greek and Roman. While I know that their myths are interchangable (simply speaking of course) and that the two cultures influenced each other, hearing both Greek and Roman myths/names just kind of took me a back a bit and made me go "Wait..."

I was bored for the first half of this book, but I pushed on. My love of Rome made me do it. But then, about halfway in, too much started to happen at once. It got really sexual and political and conniving out of nowhere, and it became rushed and a bit hard to follow.

I mentioned that the word "cunny" killed my sexy feelings towards this book. Well, that was furthered later on in the book. I don't want to give too many spoilers on details, but she has a trick to restore her "bits" so that she feels like a virgin again, and it involves animal organs and blood. I like my sex without that in it, please. I get that it's probably historically accurate, but that does not make it not kill the mood.

While this novella did have some good parts, I couldn't get past some of my issues. Some of them may be solved in the next installment, but I won't be reading on to find out. This is an erotica, so it does of course contain sex. If word choice isn't an issue for you, maybe you'll like it better than I did. Thanks to Netgalley and Pocket Star for my copy in exchange for my honest review.


  1. -shudder- Knowing the bad bits that knocked this book down so many stars does not make me want to give this book a try. I'm bummed because I was looking forward to reading it myself. So sorry this didn't work out.

    1. I will probably cave to curiosity and see book two.

  2. Ehhhh the animal bits would totally kill it for me. I do like cunny (and quim) but I read a lot of historical romance and it's used all the time. I've even read it in a contemporary once. It was in a completely funny way and hilarious.

    Sorry to hear this one just didn't do it. It sounds like a great set up though. Shame it didn't have the follow through :/

    1. Quim doesn't bother me at all, but for some reason cunny killed it. If it had been stronger in other areas, I'm sure I wouldn't have even noticed the word choice.