Saturday, May 24, 2014

Review: Eat More Dessert

Title: Eat More Dessert: More than 100 Simple-to-Make & Fun-to-Eat Baked Goods From the Baker to the Stars
Author: Jenny Keller
Format: Hardcover, 224 pages
Pub. Date: April 8th 2014
Source: JaveCupcake Blog


Four and a half stars, rounded up.


Jenny Keller, baker to the stars, uses the book Eat More Dessert to share over 100 recipes and decorating tips with home cooks. Inside this book is a recipe for every occasion, and there are ideas in here fit for every level of baker, from beginner to more advanced.

I have to say, first and foremost, what I like best about this book is the fact that every recipe has a picture. Every. Single. Recipe. As I'm sure most of you know by now, when I get cookbooks, the more pictures the better. I like having a reference of what my end product should look like, and Eat More Dessert definitely delivers. On top of that, the photography is really well done, and makes every treat look positively delicious.

This book is unique in that it isn't divided by pastry type or difficulty; they are arranged by theme. Whether you're looking to plan a Princess Tea Party, Shipwrecked Pirate theme, or a holiday theme such as the North Pole Bakery, there are recipes here for you. Actually, there's more than recipes. Each themed party idea comes with advice and tips (and a picture reference) on how to set up a stunning looking dessert table. I'm a sucker for dessert tables (my Pinterest account is admittedly full of them), and the ones that Jenny demonstrates in this book are darling. I hope I get the chance to use them myself.

Another great thing about this book, is that most of the recipes stem from a handful of basic recipes that Keller gives at the very beginning of the book. In addition to that ease of production, a lot of the ingredients include store bought, name brand items. This saves time, of course, but also makes the recipes easier for the average home baker to replicate, especially since Keller's instructions are on point and easy to follow. So don't be intimidated by the pretty photography; you can make these desserts too!

The one thing that set me back just a skosh from this book is the amount of piping skill and equipment that some of the recipes call for. Jenny makes cookies and cookies that are gorgeous, but they are largely so because of the icing decoration. That is something that DEFINITELY can take practice. These require special tips, and some of the recipes suggest specific molds that I know I personally don't have. Neither of these are really enough to hinder the use of/my enjoyment of this baking book, but it was something that I did take notice of.

Whether you're planning a party or just really love making cute treats to sate a sweet tooth, this book is one to keep handy. There's easy recipes, plenty of pictures, and a wide variety of table themes. You might need a bit of extra equipment for some of the recipes, but everyone from beginners to the seasoned bakers at home can find something delicious to make.


  1. So this is a definite must have for our kitchen. Cupcakes are a way to my heart and it sounds like this book is full of great cupcakes and sweets. the pictures are a plus too!