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Excerpt, Giveaway & Review: 50 Shades of Kink by Tristan Taormino

Hello my beautiful readers. I hope you enjoyed the long weekend and soaked up some sun. Today I'm really happy to share with you an excerpt from 50 Shades of Kink by Tristan Taormino. This is a pocket sized introduction into the world of BDSM. If you, like so many others out there, enjoy reading erotic fiction but aren't quite exactly sure where to begin, let Tristan help you with this new book. As if a sneak peek wasn't enough, Cleis Press has decided that they want to help you unleash your inner kink, and has offered up a chance for you to win a copy of your very own.

This teaser is taken from Chapter 9 of 50 Shades of Kink entitled: Smack! Spanking, Paddles, and Crops

Sneak Peek:

Lots of people love a good spanking. Don’t just take my word for it: there are hundreds of adult movies devoted to spanking, dozens of erotic websites, and over the years, there has been more than one magazine devoted to the subject. For some, spanking goes along with fantasy role playing—naughty schoolgirls and unruly boys disciplined at the hands of a cruel teacher, a stern governess, or an unforgiving nun. Perhaps the play is closer to home, with Mommy or Daddy wielding the unrelenting hairbrush. Others use spanking as a tool of dominance and submission, an expression of control, humiliation, and punishment (or reward!). A spanking can be just a spanking, but decide in advance what the spanking will mean in the context of your play. Many pervy people report that spanking was the first kinky thing they did.

It can be dreaded and scary or sweet and sexy, but it is undeniably a very intimate act. Get your bottom in a comfortable position: lying over your lap, on all fours, or bent over the bed, a stool, or a table. Like most things, it’s best to start out slowly, beginning with light, gentle taps before moving on to full-handed slaps. Not only does this make the spanking more fun, but the bottom can usually take it longer and harder if you warm up the ass first. Begin alternating sides with a light spank, followed by a massage. Keep your hand as close to the ass as possible in the beginning; the farther away you take your hand, the less control you have over hitting the exact spot you are aiming for and the more likely you are to hit it too hard. Remember, the more aroused she is, the more enjoyable the spanking will be for both of you, so don’t hold back on stroking the other nearby parts, too!

As you move on to harder slaps, experiment with different sensations—the tips of your fingers versus your entire hand, the middle of the ass versus right where the cheek curves into the thigh. Add variety to your spanks by wearing a pair of soft leather gloves (for a different sensation), wetting your hand (for a stingier slap), or place your hand on a heating pad first (for a warm spank).

Many people get very turned on by spanking. Slapping someone’s butt cheeks can be gentle and sensual or deliberate and painful; either way, the consistent smacks release endorphins into the bloodstream and fuel the body’s arousal. While the ass is usually the target of a spanking, you can also slap the butt cheeks, thighs, and other fleshy parts of the body; always avoid bones and joints, such as the tailbone and the back of the knees, and organs like the kidneys. All these rules apply if you use your hand or one of the toys discussed next.

To add a little something more to a spanking, position a vibrator between her legs so it’s nestled against her clit exactly where she likes it. A wand- style clitoral vibrator with a large head, or a rounded one meant to rub against work really well for this.

With each spank, her body will press into the vibrator with a little more pressure and the vibration will feel more intense. Or slip a set of Ben Waballs (also called “Kegel balls” or “smart balls”) inside her. As you spank her butt cheeks, the balls will move against each other inside her, which will create a different kind of vibrating sensation. If she’s on her stomach or leaned over something, gravity will work in her favor, and the balls can actually massage her G-spot. Have her clench her pelvic muscles around the balls to intensify the sensation. You could also use an insertable vibrator or a dildo to combine penetration with a rhythmic spanking. As the spanking progresses, the toy will move inside her (or you can move it for her), delivering double the pleasure.

You can also spank or slap the genitals, but start out very gently. The tissue of the vulva and penis are much less fleshy than other parts and a lot more sensitive. To spank a vulva, put your hand up, fingers together facing the vulva. Start with light taps, and see how she responds. For some women, this will simply be too intense, but for others, especially once they are aroused, it can be both exciting and stimulating. Try concentrating on the pubic mound and above the clitoral hood; or, spank over the hood directly. In between slaps and taps, use your fingers to stroke her labia and clitoris. Talk to her, pay attention to her body language, and only escalate your spanks when you know she’s enjoying it. To spank a penis, hold the shaft with one hand and slap with the other. Try light taps on the head and see how he responds. You can increase the speed and strength of the slaps if he’s into it.

My Review

Title: 50 Shades of Kink: An Introduction to BDSM
Editor: Tristan Taormino
Format: Paperback, 162 pages
Pub. Date: March 18th 2014
Source: Cleis Press
Purchase: Amazon


Five stars.

This book is a must have for anyone looking to broaden their horizons when it comes to the bedroom. Like many readers, I have in fact read the 50 Shades trilogy. That being said, I was already well aware of the BDSM scene, how I fit into the spectrum of play, and what I liked. Of course, these things are always changing. But I'll admit, it worries me to think that there are readers of erotica who will jump in too far too fast.

50 Shades of Kink is the answer to that problem. First and foremost, this book is written in a way that anyone, whether you're vanilla as can be or an experienced Master, can understand. Taormino doesn't assume that the reader is familiar with the terminologies associated with the scene, and makes sure that every phrase, word, and acronym is thoroughly explained. Even I learned a term or two.

Also, and I'm aware of how simple this statement is, this book has a lot of good advice. The author lays everything out for you and breaks it down into step by step layman's terms. When necessary, there's even samples and drafts provided, including a contract and a limits chart. It's an extremely useful extra touch that I wasn't expecting.

Plain and simple, this is the book I wish someone would have handed me the first time I realized I had an interest in the scene. It would have saved me from so many creepy people, bad websites, and even worse erotic fiction that I'd visited hoping to make sense of it all. At the end of 50 Shades of Kink, there's a reading list of recommended books that I can't wait to get started on, and I can't stress enough how much I personally agree with her recommendation of the website

If you enjoy reading about dominance and submission or bondage but don't know where to start, this is the guide for you. From telling your partner you have these feelings to perfecting rough sex, Taormino's book is there to walk you through it all. So take a deep breath, keep an open mind, and get reading so that you can maximize your pleasures. I will be keeping this one on a shelf nearby, for certain.

Thank you so much to Cleis Press for my copy in exchange for my honest review.


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