Saturday, May 16, 2015

Where is Jillyn?

Hello my lovely readers!

It's going to be quiet the next few days here on Bitches n Prose? Why you may ask?

That's right folks, school's out. Some of you might know that I'm in college and I live in dorm life. That means that I gotta boot scoot it out of the building this weekend and move back home (some six hours north).

But before that, I will be going even further south.

That's right, my darlings. I will be Nashville bound this weekend! My sister has a bunch of really cool sites and adventures planned, like the Johnny Cash Museum and maybe a stop in Metropolis, IL to see Superman (again. I have admittedly already taken a really, really cheesy set of pictures here).

I will of course be taking lots of pictures and eventually when I come back, I will be chronicling my adventures on my new blog.

That's right!

I have a new blog! It's going to be dedicated to the two other things in life I love as much as books: food and sex! There is literally nothing on that blog right now (other than a pretty template), but you can feel free to add me in advance if you are interested. My Twitter will remain the same, just adding this blog to it.

You can follow the new, squeaky clean blog by clicking here. More follow options (bloglovin, linky, all that jazz) will be coming soon as I get settled into the new site.

In other moderately interesting news, I have finally caved in and created an Instagram account in preparation for this Nashville adventure. You can follow me there by clicking here.

If you're done with school- WOO! Relax! Go read a book and swim and have a lot of fun! If you're graduating, congratulations! Good luck with whatever adventures await you next. If you are unfortunate enough to still be in school or doing your finals: you can do the thing! Stop looking at cats on the interwebs and do your work! (I tried).

Have a lovely weekend!