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Blog Tour, Guest Post, and Giveaway: Skin Of My Teeth by Judith Graves Blog

About The Book:

Title: SKIN OF MY TEETH, Volume 1
Series: Skinned Book 3, Vol 1
Author: Judith Graves
Release Date: December 23rd 2014
Publisher: Leap Books



* draw a card from the deck
* kill or be killed
* and if you’re lucky, repeat…

Hidden agendas, deep, dark secrets, and monsters lurking around every locker. It’s business as usual at Redgrave High for Eryn and her crew of paranorm hunters – although the two guys vying for her heart just might have to up their game.

A little healthy competition soon becomes all-out survival of the fittest as the crew are pitted against a pack of demons trading souls – for keeps. The student population is enamored with a new card game, Boroughs Quest. Kids are desperate to get their hands on gilded cards from a mysterious expansion deck, but when they do…

It’s all fun and games ’til somebody dies.

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Guest Post: Reno Your Fiction

For the last few months my household has been in various stages of absolute chaos as we tackled several large reno projects at once. Sometimes I can’t believe all this started from a simple desire to change our kitchen sink faucet and morphed into: sanding and painting the cupboards, replacing countertops, sink, faucet, busting out old tiles and replacing the backsplash with new ones, new flooring, mouldings, doors…

And then it hit me.

Renos are a lot like the revision process after you complete a first draft. You start tweaking one area only to find a major plot hole, which leads to an in-depth evaluation of character motivation, which leads to changes in the backstory that ultimately impact your neat and tidy ending. So you slash that to bits and build it up again – but better - and in many ways FAR more emotionally satisfying than your initial effort.

Do things get messy along the way? Do you end up eating more takeout and doing less laundry in order to get the beast under control? Sure. But soon all that back-breaking, mind-numbing hard work begins to pay off. You read your newly revised manuscript and are amazed at how things have fallen into place.

Just like me. In my renoed kitchen. As I sit back and savour a cup of coffee, taking in the wonders a bit of elbow grease can accomplish.

Don’t be content with reaching THE END. It really is just the beginning. Now get out there and reno the crap out of your fiction!

About the Author:

Residing in a northern Alberta community, similar to the fictional town of Redgrave, where Under My Skin is set - Judith unhappily endures snow in the winter, and runs away from bees in the summer.

A firm believer that Canadian teen fiction can be sexy, action packed and snarky as hell - Judith writes paranormal stories with attitude.
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One Winner will get audio book editions of Under My Skin and Second Skin (first two books in the series) plus a $20.00 Amazon gift card.
Ships in US/Canada Only
Must be 13+ To Enter

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  1. This sounds really good and I'd love to read it, I'm just bummed I didn't get to this in time before the giveaway was over so I could enter for it. Oh well, I'm sure it's worth my dollars to buy it when I find that fantastic cover in stores =]

    1. 'tis the early bird that gets the worm, love.