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Book Blitz, Excerpt, & Giveaway: Finding Thor by Kai Strand!

Finding Thor
Release Date: 03/12/15
272 pages

Summary from Goodreads:
Tragedy has left Cara Cassidy broken and the only thing keeping her from giving in completely is her guilt. Until Nik Rock.

Nik stirs up feelings in degrees she has never experienced, and causes her to do things that most assuredly give him the wrong impression – like kiss him before their first date. Somehow, he breaks down the walls around her emotions until she has no choice but to forgive herself and feel again.

But a mysterious, troubled past follows Nik, and Cara may prove to be his
weakest link.

When a royal princess shows up looking for Nik, and an international gang arrives looking for missing jewels, Cara lands in mortal danger. Will she be able to save herself? What will happen to her newly repaired psyche if she loses Nik?

Romance, mystery, and high stakes – just another day in high school.


“Do you think they’ll let you wear that dress?” Cara asked, eyeing how the fabric skimmed over Kelly’s hip bone and even showed the curve of her thigh.
“What are they gonna do? Make me take it off?” Kelly asked.
“Kick you out.”
“I’ll wear a long wrap over it, so they won’t know until I’m already in.” Kelly closed herself into the dressing room again. “So, what do you say? Nik Rock is Towering Inferno, right?”
Cara didn’t answer because standing three feet in front of her was Nik.
He raised his eyebrows at Kelly’s statement and Cara wanted to crawl under the dressing room door and hide.
“Cara, don’t you think so? I mean ‘call the fire station’ hot just isn’t good enough for him,” Kelly said. “Damn, this is even hard to get out of.”
“What exactly is Towering Inferno, anyway?” Nik asked loud enough for Kelly to hear.
“Oh sssshyte.” The door to the dressing room cracked open and Kelly’s eye peered out. Seeing Nik, the eye slammed closed. “Hi, Nik.”
“Kelly? Right?” Nik asked. A smile quirked his lips and he nodded in greeting before she chuckled and slammed the door shut, screaming like a crazy banshee chick.
During that thirty-second greeting, Cara’s body had experienced dramatic temperature fluctuations from scorching hot embarrassment to frigid fear of having been caught, back to bubbling molten lava humiliation. Beads of sweat actually formed on her forehead and she knew her skin now had a strange underlying red tint, which under her oddly pale coloring looked more like a sickly orange.
When Nik’s attention swung back to her, she saw concern flicker across his expression before he masked it with mirth. She gulped. Seeing amusement in his eyes, even a slight amount, made her stomach flutter and her head spin. She took a step backward and his expression grew wary.
Then a horrible thought struck her, and she blurted it before she could stop herself. “Are you shopping for prom?”

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About the Author
Kai Strand writes fiction for kids and teens. Her debut novel, The Weaver, was an EPIC eBook Finalist. King of Bad soared to the publisher's #1 spot its second month. She is a (very lucky) wife and the mother of four kids. The most common sound in her household is laughter. The second most common is, "Do your dishes!" Kai and her family hike, geocache and canoe in Central Oregon, where they call home.
Kai organized the free, themed, multi-author,short story blog, Lightning Quick
. She is available for personal appearances, workshops, and classroom or school visits. Feel free to contact her directly to discuss availability and request references.

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