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Book Tour, Guest Post, Excerpt & Giveaway: Lunar Passing by Rachel Deagan!

Title: Lunar Passing
Series: Caged Moon #2
Author: Rachel Deagan
Genre: YA/Paranormal Romance

Book Description:
As if in slow motion, the world spun. The front fender of the truck slammed into us from behind, and everything lurched forward. Bags, arms, clothes, sailed by my head. The muffled sound of screams were lost somewhere in a tumultuous roar as the van hit a pothole, and we began to roll. Cold metal crushed in on me, and the splintering sound of gunshots echoed in my ears…

Several months had passed since the murders in the old farmhouse and secrets had been revealed. Too bad a cover up in this day and age, hadn’t been exactly so easy.

Guest Post:

My interest in werewolves has roots as far back in my life as to when I was a child, so it's difficult to really pinpoint and credit only one source of inspiration for "The Caged Moon Series." It truly comes from a lot of places. Some of such sources are movies like "The Howling," and "American Werewolf in London;" books such as "Cycle of the Werewolf" by Stephen King and "Shiver" by Maggie Steifvater. Along with my fascination with werewolves, lycanthropes and shifters, I've also discovered that lunar cycles and mythology have played a part in my inspiration as well.

In Lunar Passing, for example, I found myself delving further into the mythology behind it; stepping away from the norm of what we know of most werewolves today. Charlotte, herself, is a very different kind of werewolf -- with a very different ability. I wanted to expand on the idea that wolves could turn human, rather than the wolf just becoming the human's curse; the brothers were the outcome of that.

This novel is actually set in the Lunar Passing. As discussed within it, it is a very real thing and seemed fitting since it is the one time of year that the moon is closest to the Earth. That fact alone could cause some of the changes, both mentally and physically, within the characters that helped shape and define the story as it progressed. I think readers will be delightfully surprised at the many twists and turns, not only plot wise, but in how the story of The Caged Moon Werewolves progress.


“What are you doing here?” Aaron asked, standing in the doorway at the side of the room marked Staff Only. I hadn’t heard the main door open behind me, nor had I felt the cold draft of air that would have been pulled in with him. So he was already here, before me. The thought sent goose bumps down my spine. “Liam said for everyone to stay put, so we wouldn’t be seen.”

“I should be asking you the same thing,” I said, trying to front an air of self-confident bravery. “Why are you here then?”

A devious smile rose across his lips. “I don’t take orders from my brother. Apparently, you don’t either. I admire that.”

My stomach felt sick. How could he think that I would ever be on his side about anything, especially in defiance of Liam? “He loves you,” I blurted out, trying to refrain from shaking. I was so upset. “How dare you.”

“Oh, please. Don’t go getting your panties all in a bunch. You really need to learn how to relax.” He shook his head, and closed the staff door behind him. “I was teasing, Charlotte, but that aside, what are you doing out here?”

My wolf wanted to claw and scratch him. He had some nerve. “I don’t need to be telling you anything,” I said, slipping the envelope into my pocket while he closed the staff door behind him.

“Well, good then.” He smiled in a way that made me want to growl. “Then I don’t have to tell you, what I’m doing either.” He winked, moving past me to the main door leading to the curb outside. “We have a truce.”

“Wait,” I said, and he paused, lifting a brow. “What are you talking about? Why were you in the office? That’s staff only.”

“Now, come on, Charlotte. I thought we had a deal.”

“I never agreed to anything, and you don’t exactly have a great track record. Did you do something to the guy who works here? Where is he?”

Aaron shrugged, extending his arms with mocked innocence.

I sighed. “Fine, I was going to mail a letter to my parents to tell them I was okay. I didn’t want them to worry.”

“Thank you,” he said with a smile. “That’s all I wanted to know.” He turned back to the door, swinging it wide. The cool air nipped at my skin, making me shiver.

“Hey,” I said, stomping up to him, “that’s not fair. I told you what I was doing. Now you have to.”

“Why?” he asked with a chuckle. “You really are fun to mess with though,” he teased with a grin. “The look on your face is great.”

God, I hated him. I tried to stay calm.

“Did you do something to the man who works here?” I demanded through my teeth, barely containing the coiling fury building inside me.

He licked his lip and then leaned in close to me, his breath tickling my ear. “I ate him.”

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About the Author:

Rachel grew up in small town Massachusetts where she spent most of her time writing about strange paranormal creatures instead of paying attention in class. She has always been considered the ‘dreamy’ one with her head in the clouds, but it has all been worth it. Rachel, now, is YA Author of both The Caged Moon Series, and The Prophecy.
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  2. The instant I saw wolves on the cover I was pulled in, and with the last line of the excerpt I was hooked. Sign me up for this series please and thank you.