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Interview with Kimberly Krey!

Hello again bloggers. I hope that you're having some much needed and deserved rest this weekend, and I hope it's better out by you than it is here at the bottom of Illinois, where it's cold, rainy, and miserable. But you're just in luck! Tonight I have for you an interview with the author of the steamy debut novel Evie's Knight- Kimberly Krey- to help warm you up.

Please give some thanks to Kimberly for agreeing to stop by and talk to me for a bit, and enjoy!

Evie's Knight is the first book that I've read by you, is it your first publication?

Yes! Evie's Knight took years to bring to completion, mostly because it is my first one and I had a lot of learning to do along the way. I finished writing it in 2009, but made several significant changes before putting it out there.

What was your inspiration for writing this story?

I was fresh off reading a series that I really loved, and feared I would never find anything I enjoyed that much. So I took a shot at writing my own. (I didn't give up reading, of course! I never would!) Once I started writing, I sort of knew who my characters were. I knew Calvin was cursed, and that his mother had died. I knew her death had something to do with the curse. I took it from there and pretty much discovered the rest along the way. I had no idea how much I would enjoy writing; it has become a part of me I don't want to live without.

Calvin Knight is the sexy, alpha male love interest of this novel- who would you want to play him in a film adaptation?

Ha, ha! Well, I'd have to say, even though he's much older than him, Enrique Iglesias looks more like Calvin than anyone I've seen. Especially in this scrumptious picture. Seriously close to how I, personally, envision him. (yummy pic included - you're welcome)


Also, I had one reader/blogger say she pictured the song, 'I Can Be Your Hero, Baby' (sung by him) while reading the book. It does go nicely with it!

(via youtube)

There are some very steamy scenes between Calvin and Evie in this book. Was it hard to keep the romance clean in this novel?

I'd have to say yes, to an extent. I knew the two weren't going to go all the way, but I had scenes (where they went a little further) that I ended up toning down a bit before publishing. (sorry-ha,ha) I didn't tone them down too much, of course, because I love passionate scenes! To me - they are payoff points, so I like to leave plenty scattered throughout a novel to keep readers like myself satisfied. ;)

Well, now my mind is wandering! If you were gifted a power like the Knight brothers were, what would you want it to be and what would you do with it?

I've always wanted to fly. You know, like a bird. A giant, blond bird, I guess. But I don't know what I'd be able to do with that besides get places faster and freak people out along the way. Guess I'd have to head on up to the canyon like Calvin and Parker do.

I've heard of some writers that need to have a favorite pen or to be drinking a certain kind of pop while they write to channel creativity. Are there any methods or quirks that you have while you're writing?

I do have a few things that seem to help me during the creative stage. Mainly, music. I wrote Evie's Knight while listening to two or three different albums. I listened to Adele's first album almost every time I sat down to write. It would start with Day Dreamer.and I would just be in the zone. For me the music has to either fade dreamily into the background, or totally feed my muse. Adele's first album fades nicely. For the muse-feeding tunes, mainly for the fighting scene and where Evie got attacked - I used Flyleaf a lot. The song, Cassie, was one of my favorites. Sometimes I'd just hit repeat and write my heart out. The band Muse is good for those scenes too, though I often find myself pausing to sing along; a bit problematic.

Oooh, I love both Flyleaf and Muse. I can definitely see both of those fitting well. Is there a certain author or book that you grew up with that inspired you to be a writer?

I can't say that there is, from my youth anyway. I wasn't a great reader back then. In fact, I struggled to the point I was put in a special reading class in Jr high. It wasn't until later in my life that I discovered how incredible the literary world really is; I'm still making up for lost time.

If you got a chance to step inside your own book, how would you change the scenery of The Loft?

I think I'd create a nice, warm beach. Shark-less water, a giant sun, and plenty of soft sand. Throw in a picnic with some Diet Coke and I'd be in heaven.

Evie's Knight addresses a ghost and a curse surrounding deaths of loved ones: Do you believe in ghosts or life after death?

I definitely believe in life after death. In fact, I lost someone very close to me years ago. She was sweet and beautiful and too young to die. I had an experience, sort of like the one Calvin had with his mother. Mine was in a dream, but I believe it was a gift. I was able to stare at her sweet face, take in every adorable freckle, and then throw my arms around her. When I did, I felt what can only be described as love - such an intense dose of it my body could barely contain it. I will never forget that.

If you could have a conversation with anyone- living or ghost- who would it be and why?

Oh, this is a hard one. I'm going to skip it for now and move on. Hopefully something will come to me. If it doesn't, you'll be left with this. :)

You're really angry or are having a really rough day: what's the one thing that can always cheer you up?

My family. My husband has a way of bringing humor into things. It distracts me and makes me smile or laugh even if I'm bugged. And my kids, of course. Being with them is where its at - always.

I can imagine!
Are there any writing projects in the works that you can tell us about?

Well, I put FIONA'S FIGHT on hold to finish my western romance series. My next book, Cassie's Cowboy Crave comes out soon. It's about a cute girl from Seattle, a hot cowboy from Montana, and a witness protection program that has the two posing as husband and wife. I'm hoping to have it out by Mid-May or beginning of June.

I will definitely be checking those out!

I have a few "this or that" questions for you too. Just pick one of the pair.

Black and white or color?: Color.
Chocolate or vanilla?: Chocolate - dark
Cats or dogs?: Love both; gotta go with dogs though.
Summer or winter?: SUMMER!!!
Batman or Spider-Man?: Yes, please. I'll take both.
Pie or cake?: Can I take both here, too? Um ... cake.

Is there anything else you'd like to add to this?

Thank you for the unique and thought-provoking interview. I really enjoyed this one!

You're so very welcome. Thank you for the interview!

I reviewed Kimberly's first novel earlier this year in March. The four star review for Evie's Knight can be found here.

About the Author

I'm a writer of romantic Urban Fantasy, a reader of any good, clean romance, and a lover of home, family, and friends. A perfect day would include ample relaxing time with my hubby and kiddos (indoor or out). Add delicious meals involving seafood, chocolate, or Cafe Rio and I'm on cloud nine. End it with a novel by one of my favorite authors, Marcia Lynn McClure, and it's picture perfect. Random: I might be the number one hater of the chore, laundry. Still waiting for further verification. I'm obsessed with chapstick. I spread SoftLips chapstick (the pretty pearly kind) on my lips about a hundred times a day. I'm equally obsessed with mints; I eat them all the time. Altoids Smalls are my favorite. I smooth the lips, pop the mint, and I'm in good shape. My favorite super heroes are Superman and Spiderman. I can't really decide between them, which is fine because my husband happens to be a scrumptious combination of the two! (via Goodreads) Check out Kimberly's Goodreads page as well as her book. Click the picture for the Goodreads page.


  1. This is awesome! I'm so glad Kimberly came by and did this interview, it's really insightful :) I have a copy of Evie's Knight on my Kindle and I can't wait to get to it!

  2. Jillyn: I loved doing this interview with you! Thank you for having me! Can't wait to revisit your rockin' blog; it's a great place to be! :)

  3. Emily, definitely read it :)

    And no problem at all. Feel free to lurk around my blog all you want! haha