Friday, July 31, 2015

Review: Goodnight Hockey by Michael Dahl!

Title: Goodnight Hockey
Author: Michael Dahl
Format: egalley
Pub. Date: August 1st 2015
Source: Picture Window Books

Book Description:

From the first puck drop to the final buzzer, Goodnight Hockey will have every hockey fan cheering. Rhyming text and energetic art perfectly capture the excitement and thrill of a hockey game. Goodnight Hockey is the perfect bedtime story for your young sports fan.

For ages 4-7. From the Sports Illustrated Kids Bedtime Books series.



I love hockey. I mean, being from Chicago you pretty much have to. (Go Blackhawks!) I had to give this picture book a read- it looked too adorable to pass up. I'm really glad I did. This book is absolutely perfect for little sports fans everywhere.

First, I have to say that this book is just cute. From cover to cover and everything in between, this book is just adorable. This book tells the story of a little hockey fan enjoying a hockey game and all the hype and excitement of a home team victory.

The illustrations are really well done and detailed, with bright colors. They go well with the story that's being told, and do well to keep your attention on the story. Also, and this was a pleasant surprise, it rhymes. That made me really happy, and added another level cute to the whole reading experience.

It has come to my attention that this book is a part of the Sports Illustrated Kids Bedtime Book series. I haven't read any of the other ones, but having read Goodnight, Hockey, I know that will definitely change in the future. As the publishers agree, I'd recommend this for younger sports fans, aged roughly 4-7.

I received a copy in exchange for my honest review.


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