Monday, November 13, 2017

Personal Update: I Got Engaged!

Hey y'all.

I'm just writing a small little life update.

I don't write any of these much, because, well, I don't have that interesting of a life most of the time.

Well, that's changed mildly.

I got engaged on Halloween!

My fiancee (sounds so weird, by the way) proposed to me at the Field Museum in downtown Chicago. Specifically, in the Egypt exhibit, in the temple of Bastet. Complete with a natural gem ring, and a coffin shaped box.

We are the weirdos, mister.

After our day at the museum we went to go see a concert, the always talented American Murder Song. We told the artists about the engagement, and they were kind enough to sign our ring box.

It was a fantastic day. My partner- sorry, fiancee- even bought me a little glass jar of candy from Dylan's that said "#1 Wife's Candy" on it. And a Halloween cat Build-a-Bear to go with the theme.

Ring tax is included down below. <3 Love, Jillyn


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