Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Mini Review: Comics for a Strange World by Reza Farazmand

Title: Comics for a Strange World: A Book of Poorly Drawn Lines
Author: Reza Farazmand
Format: egalley
Pub. Date: October 24th 2017
Source: Plume Books

Book Description:

Absurd comics for our absurd times, from the artist behind the wildly popular webcomic Poorly Drawn Lines.

In his follow up to the New York Times bestselling Poorly Drawn Lines, beloved webcomic artist Reza Farazmand returns with a new collection of comics that hilariously skewers our modern age. Comics for a Strange World takes readers through time, space, and alternate realities, reuniting fans with favorite characters and presenting them with even more bizarre scenarios. A child is arrested for plagiarism. A squirrel adapts to human society by purchasing a cell phone--and a gun. And an old man shares memories of the Internet with his granddaughter ("A vast network of millions of idiots. Together, the idiots created endless shitty ideas. It was a true renaissance of shit."). In the world of Poorly Drawn Lines, nothing is too weird or too outlandish for parody.

Featuring 50% brand new content alongside some of the most popular comics of the past year, Comics for a Strange World is the perfect antidote to life's absurdities.



It's hard not to know about Poorly Drawn Lines. These comics show up everywhere: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr. You name it. And most of the time, I get a little chuckle at them. So I was happy to get a copy of this collection of comics. It's an okay book.

The comics were hit and miss for me. Some were really relatable and made me snicker. Some I didn't find funny at all. It was kind of a mixed bag all around. I will say that in order to fully appreciate these comics, you have to have sort of a dry, cynical sense of humor. And be a little bit weird.

The comics are divided into themes: The Human Experience, Social Creatures, Changes, A Strange World, and Thoughts on Things.

If you're already familiar with the comics, you'd probably appreciate this book. If you're new, it might be a weird thing to read and get used to. In my opinion, if you have it it's worth reading, but it's not something I'd rush out and grab right away.

I received a copy in exchange for my honest review.


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