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Excerpt, Review, & Giveaway: Twisted edited by Alison Tyler

Hello my lovelies! I'm really super excited for my post for you all today. Cleis Press was awesome enough to host a giveaway with me for the new bondage anthology Twisted: Bondage with an Edge edited by Alison Tyler. Each short story features a steamy scene of, you guessed it, bondage, but each author approaches the topic in very different but equally arousing ways. As if a giveaway wasn't enough, I have the very extra special treat of an excerpt from the book!

This excerpt is from a story entitled "Sylvia’s Transgression” by Tamsin Flowers.

Sneak Peek:

“If you’re going to be noisy, you know what will happen?”
“Yes, Sir,” I whispered.
“Do you want to be gagged?”
“No, Sir.”
“Are you sure?”
“I’m sure, Sir. I won’t be noisy.”
He slapped me sharply on the butt with a flat palm as if to
test my resolve, but I was biting my lip and stayed quiet.
“Good girl.”
I heard him pacing round the bed.
“Let’s get this over with.”
I lay wondering what sort of punishment he had in mind. Then his arm swooped under my waist and he pushed a bolster cushion in underneath me, drawing my legs up slightly and raising my arse a foot or so above the bed. I knew what that meant; with the spreader pulling my legs wide, my butthole and labia were fully exposed and vulnerable to whatever pain he devised for them. I shut my eyes and chewed on my tongue, determined not to cry.
He must have been aware of my distress because then I felt his hand gently stroking my arse and down the back of one thigh.
“Don’t be frightened, sweet girl,” he whispered in my ear. “You know I’ve got to do this for your own good. You know you’ll feel much better when it’s over.”
“What will you use?” I managed to say, finishing with a slight sob.
“No, no, no. Nothing given away beforehand.”
He moved silently in the darkening room and as the light faded, I felt as if I was losing myself, sliding into a deep pit from which I would never be able to claw free. All I could hear was his breathing, deeper and heavier than when he’d first come in. He was getting ready to punish me now, psyching himself up, deciding what he would use, how many times he would strike and how hard.
He opened the cupboard where he kept his toys and I heard him rifling through his collection: whips, crops, paddles, belts, a flogger…. He’d been collecting them for years and he’d tried them all out on me. I knew exactly how much pain each would cause and as I wondered which one he would pick, a dull, grinding ache of need made itself felt in my clit and my cunt and my arse. I breathed deeply; I was starting to sweat now with the anticipation. I wanted it to start, but I wanted to wait like this on the brink forever. I longed to hear the whoosh of air and feel the first the blow but I was scared, frightened of the pain, frightened of his anger and of his desire. I pressed my forehead into the bed as time seemed to stand still and all sensation was lost apart from the throb of longing that pulsed from my cunt through to my chest.
Then I heard it. The thin, high-pitched whine of his bamboo riding crop. Instantaneously, I felt it too; a shard of pain that seared through my left buttock and up to the base of my throat. I gasped, and then I wretched as the after-burn kicked in. I fought for breath, desperate to regain my equilibrium before the next inevitable blow. This was one of his favorites; a harsh bestower of pain, of bright red welts that stayed for longer than any others in a sharply delineated pattern.
“Look at you, you’re so wet for it,” he whispered near my ear and at that moment I became aware of hot juice that was dripping from my cunt and running down the inside of my thigh.

My Review

Title: Twisted: Bondage With an Edge
Editor: Alison Tyler
Format: Paperback, 244 pages
Pub. Date: February 18th 2014
Source: Cleis Press
Purchase: Amazon


Four chained & begging stars.

Twisted is an anthology of BDSM erotica that offers a story for every kink and every fantasy. Whether you're into girl on girl, chains, voyeurism, and lord knows what in between, Alison Tyler has included a steamy tale in this collection to scratch your itch. Even the cover draws you in, making this book one that tempts you from cover to cover. Of course, as is sure to happen with every anthology or collection, I did enjoy some stories more than others. I'll highlight briefly my top three, in no particular order, in the lines below.

One of the short stories within Twisted is called "The Customer's Waiting" written by Giselle Renarde. This escapade features two lovely ladies, a boring night at work, and a few cable ties. Add in some sexual tension and some great attention to after care and you've got a sizzling story that will leave you hot and bothered.

The next of my picks is "Bondage Blogging" by Meadow Parker. A huge fan of a husband and wife duo's bondage blog gets the chance of a lifetime when she gets an email from the couple saying that they'll be in town if she wants to get dinner. She never suspected that she'd get a very special BDSM experience that is not available online. As a blogger, this one struck me a biiiiiit personally in a great way. Maybe I should follow more naughty blogs!

My final pick is entitled "Rope Drought" and is written by Teresa Noelle Roberts. When the land finally gets some much needed rain, Zeke and Ellie decide to take a walk to get wet- in more ways than one- out on their farm. The descriptions in this one are particularly lovely, and it made me wish I didn't have such a high population of people and neighbors nearby.

From farms to offices, homes to camp there's a fantasy for everyone. Though these three are the ones that stood out to me, each story is worth reading for different reasons. Each author brings a unique set of characters, kink, and voice to make each one arousing, making you want to read more and more. Another plus of this book is that because the stories are only related by theme, bondage, you can stop and start reading with ease. Fans of BDSM erotica, or even erotica in general, will not be left disappointed by this collection.

Thank you so much to Cleis Press for giving me a copy of Twisted in exchange for my honest review.


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  1. Well that excerpt really rustled some jimmies and left me wanting more! I'm definitely excited to enter this giveaway!

    1. Several stories left me with rustled jimmies!

  2. Hi Jillyn - so thrilled to see my excerpt here and thanks for including me in the Rafflecopter! Love the blog!
    Tamsin xxx

  3. Have not experimented, but the thought has crossed our minds. Certainly reading about it provides some fuel.

    1. Reading about it is what first got me interested, for sure.

  4. I definitely would love to show a sweet sub boy the ropes (heh, heh)...

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