Saturday, November 2, 2013

Review: Crimson Night by Marie Hall

Title: Crimson Night (Night #1)
Author: Marie Hall
Format: egalley
Pub. Date: September 5th 2013
Source: Netgalley


Four stars.


Crimson Night takes place at a dark, twisted kind of carnival, where one can easily be lured in by all the beautiful people... So lured in that they never quite leave. Pandora, half human, half demon of Lust, tries to be normal despite her setting, clinging for the humane half of her. She works doing what she does best- killing paranormal creatures lilke vampires and werewolves. But something dark is lurking in the shadows, and it chills even her- will she be able to take them once betrayed?


This is my first Marie Hall book outside of the Kingdom Series, and I was definitely not disappointed.

Pandora was a really likable character. For one, being a slayer made her pretty bad ass, and it's a nice change from the recent onslaught of damsel in distress novels. A big part of why I liked her was because she was always trying to find her humanity. It added depth to her, and it was needed.

One thing I know from reading the Kingdom Series is that Marie Hall has great skill in creating a world that entrances and intrigues the reader. Crimson Night follows in this tradition. The carnival was a really cool place to read about, and I was immediately drawn in to the story.

Another thing about this book that I enjoyed was the steamy aspect. I appreciated that it wasn't a sticky sweet romance, and catered to Pandora's demon of lust half. I also liked that it wasn't a focal point of the story- it's not a book about only a relationship, it's a book that contains a relationship.

I was engrossed in the story from cover to cover, and I definitely wasn't expecting it to end as it did. I will definitely need to pick up the next book in the series once it becomes available. My enjoyment of this book shows that Marie Hall is the real, and she's become one of my auto-read authors.

Thanks to Marie Hall and Netgalley for my chance to read this.


  1. Oh will so have to add this to my list. I'm loving her Kingdom series but haven't tried any of her others. So glad to hear they're good too!

    1. Definitely. They have the same allure and will suck you in just as much!

  2. I've only had the pleasure of reading one of Marie Hall's books, and luckily it happened to be Her Mad Hatter from the Kingdom series. It only took that one book to get me hooked on her writing, and I'm beyond jealous that you've gotten to read more Kingdom books than me. And now this! I need this book!

    1. You need to read more of that series. Just sayin'.