Saturday, August 17, 2013

Spotty Posting

Hello my lovely readers.

I'm just writing a quick note to you to say that posting this weekend may be a little sparse. I made the 5 hour-ish trek from my home back to college for the fall. Today I got all settled in, and am trying to get my bearings. (I'm not new to the school, but I'm new to this half of campus and it's freaking me out a little!) Anyway, with that said, I am going to be forced into "welcome back, like your floormates!" events in my building and on campus. And if that's not enough fun, my first day of classes is Monday. Oh, the excitement. I can hardly contain myself. Nothing says "Hello, monday!" like back to back literature classes topped off with elementary Latin!

I will be doing a STS tomorrow, and I'm hoping that I can finish my current ebook today (I'm surprisingly loving it, go figure). To all my school aged followers or readers with kids who are attending- study hard, play hard, and have a great, safe school year! If those don't apply to you... Then wish me luck, I'm going to need it!

Your faithful blogger,


  1. Good luck my bookish lord! I hope all your classes go well! I'm always here to support and help you with anything you need! I love you my darling Pigeon <3<3

  2. Ahhh the upside to living on a campus that is one square block: not having to find your bearings

    The downside to living on a campus that is one square block: you are living on a campus that is one square block.

    Of course that's all in the past now, I was very pleased the first year I moved off campus!

    1. Ahaha. Sometimes I wish my campus were that small. It's not as big of a campus as my first university was (I transferred last year) but it's still pretty big. Plus, my dorm building this year is pretty much as far away from everything as possible. -__-