Friday, July 5, 2013

Review: Office Toy

Title: Office Toy (Office Toy #1)
Author: Cleo Peitsche
Format: egalley edition
Pub. Date: October 21st 2012
Source: Netgalley and Pouch Productions

One star.

Elle has a very important interview with Cunningham, and it doesn't start well, with the secretary serving her gross coffee and grumbling at her. But when the interview begins, Cunningham gets her out of her clothes to be fitted for new ones, and soon he and three other guys have taken claim to Elle in the office.


This book is not even erotica, it's porn. So, know that before continuing with my review.

Now, let me just say, what?

The girl has no personality other than sex deprived submissive, and the men have none other than over sexed successful business men (Ana & Christian, anyone?).

This office screens its applicants for not only STDs, but gives psych evaluations to see who best fits into their little "game" of an office. Did I mention that this office has a convenient sex room, fitted with toys, chains, and furniture? Well it does!

Elle starts off with reservations, but somehow in the course of one short scene with three men, she becomes the queen of deep throating. That's important too, since all three guys are equipped with XXL sized members. They have to break her in and teach her to sacrifice her comfort for them, and the company.

And then it gets a little un-consensual. The boys start preparing her behind and her first, instinctive reaction (for the first time in this random unprofessional orgy) is "No." Instead of stopping or taking that as a red flag, Cunningham shooshes her and continues.

All three of these men are also, for some reason, devastatingly good looking and all want this same random girl.

I hate to say this, but maybe if it had been part of a full length novel a la 50 Shades, I could have overlooked the scene. But these men are bad examples of Doms, and will give girls the wrong idea about how Doms are supposed to be, instead of fueling them with some sort of fantasy, which I assume was the initial purpose in writing this story.

This book is less than 30 pages long, with 95% containing graphic M/M/M/F sex scenes. If you are looking for a short porn, then this is maybe for you. But if you like substance, a bit of plot, and any amount of realism in your naughty reads, this is a big ole pass.

Thanks to Netgalley and Pouch Productions for my copy.


  1. Holy crap that sounds like an awful book. I'll be taking that off my tbr list immediately. -shudder-

  2. How it has only good reviews, I'll never know.

  3. Huh. Yeah I'm all for some naughty scenes but I need a bit of substance with them too. Thanks for the heads up!

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