Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Tart by Lauren Dane

Title: Tart (Delicious #2)
Author: Lauren Dane
Format: ebook, 352 pages.
Pub. Date: November 6th 2012
Source: "I am a book addict...and proud of it" blog


4.5 Stars, Rounded up.

Juliet Lamprey is a strong, assertive woman who knows what she wants. She's her own boss- the owner of the infamous Tart bakery. Up and coming, it's growing in popularity thanks to the artwork and catering company run by her friends in the same building, but because her baking is perfection. Things are getting settled in when Gideon comes back into her life. They'd known each other growing up, but he's definitely more than the boy she remembered. When he's in town helping out with the family farm, Juliet starts a romance with the family loving cowboy that's just too good to resist. Only, one of her best guy friends since forever, Cal, isn't too keen on Juliet seeing people that aren't him. He's pined for her since they were young, but has waited too long to do anything about it. Juliet's world as she knows it comes crashing down around her with an unexpected kiss and a proposition that would leave all three of their delicious appetites satiated....


This is a book with adult content and situations. If this offends you, please scroll along.

I am pleasantly surprised to say that I loved this book. Not afraid of sounding too shallow, I originally wanted to read this because of the cover. My regular followers know that I'm very picky but just as hopeful when I read romances. Most of the time, I'm left wanting more and regretting my book choices. However, I'm very happy to say that this Tart filled me up in all of the right ways.

+One of the most important aspects of a good romance, in my opinion, lays in the hands of the female protagonist. In Tart, this position is filled by Juliet Lamprey, baker extraordinaire. She is an alpha female who does just fine on her own. She knows what she wants, how she wants it, and just exactly how to obtain it when she needs it. This assertiveness made all the difference. She's not made of stone, and can be a bit bitchy and even weak in moments, but she's not the perpetually useless damsel in distress, and for that reason alone I cheered her on.

+The males in this book are tasty. Cal is a dark haired lawyer with designer clothes and piercing eyes who can be a bit too bossy for his own good. Gideon is a golden haired cowboy with manners and a deep love for his family and the land that he so laboriously looks after. Both men are dominant and it leads to some interesting sex scenes with their "alpha" female. I can't blame Juliet. I'd want to enter a three-way relationship with this fine gents too.

+The element that surprised me the most (in the best of ways) was the actual plot. Too many times in the past, I have picked up a romance that seems generic and weakly written, or in other cases, only sex and no plot. This book actually made me tear up at parts. There's a beautifully narrated wedding full of loving friends and family, there's a hospital scene that brought to surface extreme feelings of rage and "stabbity", as Juliet puts it. Though the sex scenes were great (and I'll get to those later), there was far more than meets the eye in this book. It's got layers to it, and it made it all the more encompassing.

+Now, the part that everyone really cares about: the sex. Lauren Dane has exceeded my erotica-reading expectations. She writes scenes between the three of them with just enough detail to leave the reader hot and bothered, but not too much detail so that it's off-putting. None of the three in their menage is ever left out, nor are any of them slacking at any point. Each of them is aggressive and sexy in their own way, and the three of them together make for steamy happenings. Props to the author for using so-called "naughty words" in her writing. I much prefer them to broad statements like "he touched me there."

+The cover, as I mentioned at the beginning, is gorgeous. It does a great job of summarizing what the book is about: a sexy baker and her two lovers.

+This book does a very good job of leading up to the next Delicious book, which isn't so much a sequel as it is a continuing story with one of Juliet's friends. The expected publication is April 2, 2013. Assuming I'm not lucky enough to snag an ARC -wink wink- (Never hurts to try), I know I'll be getting it upon release.

-One of the things that did irk me about this book was the sentence fragments. They don't occur often, namely when one of the characters is aroused. I understand the theory of characters' thoughts being muddled by sexiness, but it bothered me just a smidge.

+/ My last point is neither positive nor negative, just an observation. There are a LOT of characters in this book. At some points I found it extremely difficult to remember who was who. It wasn't a constant, and it didn't take away from the story. It did just take me a few moments, here and there, to refocus on who was involved.

This book is a very solid 4.5, rounded up. This is my warning/disclaimer: If you are offended, repulsed, or closed-minded to the ideas of polyamory, three-way sex, vulgar language, or male-male sex scenes, do NOT read this book. I promise you, you will not enjoy yourself. However, if you are like me and can't resist the idea of two handsome men together with their darling, delicious bakery owner, are impartial to homosexual scenes and dirty language, then read this book immediately. Your ovaries will thank you (Or man parts. I don't judge).

Thank you to the "I am a book addict...and proud of it" blog for my copy.


  1. Do it. I'm definitely interested in the others of the series.

  2. I love your review. I'm sold on the story!

  3. Thank you :)

    I was really pleasantly surprised by it, and now I'd like to read the others in the Delicious series.

  4. ooooh, I really like the sound of this one. Great review. Very excited to read this book soon.

  5. I hope you like it as much as I did!