Monday, January 7, 2013

Foreplay by Tammy Valentine

Title: Foreplay
Author: Tammy Valentine
Format: ebook, 15 pages
Pub. Date: January 13th 2011
Source: Susan Frances' blog

One Star

Izzy Morgan is a prude, and after she discovers that her friend Jessica has a cool ability- being able to guess a man's actions and desires in bed based on their astrological horoscope sign- her group of friends decides to take her through a man from each sign. It is a plan for a year to help her learn by practice and experimentation, all thanks to Jessica's help.


-Nowhere on the book's page does it say that this is an introduction or an excerpt. This book is roughly 15 pages. This doesn't even constitute a novella, in my opinion. It's more like one conversation. It felt like one chapter of a potentially good book, or one laugh track filled scene from an episode of Sex and the City.

-Because it's so short, it was really vague. There was next to no detail, forced dialogue, and no character development. I didn't care what Izzy and her friends did.

-There's nothing dirty in it. There's a few crass jokes and a short scene at the beginning, but it was far from erotic.

+I do give props to the author for using anatomically correct words in the aforementioned scene. A lot of authors use euphemisms that just make the bad writing even worse.

If this were a teaser or an excerpt, then I would like to read this. But unfortunately it's the start of a series, and so I must treat it as though it was written as a stand alone novella, since there is nothing to indicate that it is otherwise.

Skip it. That's my opinion. If you want a really fast read, then maybe you'll like this. But I can't really recommend it more specifically than that.

Thank you to Susan Frances' blog for my digital copy.