Thursday, June 20, 2013

Mini Review: The Cop & the Girl from the Coffee Shop

Title: The Cop And The Girl From The Coffee Shop (Coffee Shop Girls #1)
Author: Terry Towers
Format: ebook
Pub. Date: January 22nd 2012
Source: Amazon


Three stars.

Jade is the cute barista at a local coffee place with a dark past that she hides from the rest of the world. Officer Alex Kane, or Officer Hottie as Jade knows him, is a regular who comes into the coffee shop everyday. It soon becomes clear that they have mutual lustful feelings for one another, feelings that will only sizzle and intensify once a figure from Jade's past comes into the picture.


Overall, this book was okay. Officer Alex was no doubt sexy, but calling him Officer Hottie? It made the coffee shop girl come off as young, not innocent. The sex scenes were creative and definitely steamy, but sometimes ran a bit long to the point of awkward. I did like that Towers wrote in a plot other than just Alex and Jade, by having this mysterious, unnerving figure from Jade's teenage years come back into the picture.

This novella is a short, erotic read in which the goods and bads even out to make a completely neutral read, in my opinion. If you like police themed erotica or short reads, give this one a try. If sex bothers you, pass on this one. As of right now, this book is free on Amazon.

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  1. Hmm. Hadn't seen this one yet but will have to pick it up. I do like a good cop hero and steamy scenes are always a plus.

    Thanks Jillyn!