Saturday, April 27, 2013

Deathless Discipline by Renee Rose

Title: Deathless Discipline
Author: Renee Rose
Format: Kindle Edition
Pub. Date: December 30th 2012
Source: Amazon freebie


Four sinful stars.

Kate's love for being spanked is no secret. But this time, it's far more than a turn on. She doesn't return her dominant vampire husband Dom's phone call, making him worried sick. He'll have to deliver a far worse punishment this time for her to learn her lesson, and to never lie to her Dom.


This novella is short, sexy, and to the point. It's a vampire BDSM/spanking story that uses characters from the author's other book, Deathless Love. When I downloaded this short story I had no idea that it was based off another book, but the heat factor of this made me add Deathless Love to my TBR list. This edition also includes a bonus short story called Mary Catherine Learns Her Lesson, an exhibitionist spanking story set on Halloween. I actually preferred this story, because it features priest/school girl role play.

Both of these stories are teasing glimpses into a bigger story, and if Renee Rose was trying to lure me into reading her other works, it definitely worked.

This is an erotica/adult book. If things concerning BDSM, spanking, or sex bother you, than this is NOT the book for you. However, if you like your Dom to be an Italian vampire, or have fantasies regarding priests, this short sample is worth a read.