Friday, March 22, 2013

The Life Tree by Nicholas A. McGirr- Review + Interview

Happy Friday, bloggers! I'm happier than normal today. Why is that? Well, for one, my class was cancelled, so my weekend started early. But more importantly, I have my first author interview here on Bitches 'n Prose.

Nicholas A. McGirr, author of the new novella The Life Tree, is here to answer a few of my questions. He was gracious enough to send me a copy of this story, and I have to admit that it was pretty trippy.

Well, first, let me say thank you so much for agreeing to stop by Bitches 'n Prose!

When did you know that you wanted to be a writer?

I don't think there was ever that moment I said "I think I'll write a book today!" but writing has always been a hobby. I play percussion instruments as well, and during "garage band" days of high school, I was always writing songs.

You talk of Muses in this new novella, The Life Tree. Is there a muse in your life that inspires you?

Of course, my wife and daughters always inspire me, but music in all forms (even the Muses) has always inspired me.

I've heard of authors that need to be listening to a certain band or drinking a specific kind of tea while they write to channel creativity. Are there any methods or quirks that you have while you're writing?

Honestly, I'm not sure. Ideas usually just hit me. I will say that as most everyone goes through phases of what they listen to, so do I. For The Life Tree, I've been listening to Epica and E.S. Posthumus quite a bit.

The Life Tree deals with what kind of life comes after death. Do you have a belief in a life after the one here on Earth?

Perhaps that is the quest of my work. Readers will often find an afterlife theme to my work. I've always been fascinated starting with Rice's vampires as a teenager. Life after death is the big mystery, whether or not I'll find a firm belief may someday come out in a nonfiction work.

This novella is a new release. Are there any other new writing projects that you're working on?

I've been working on Book Two: Book of Joel for over 4 years. I'm hoping to release it later this year. It's the sequel to The Growing Dim Project and stars Joel Ucid, jazz radio station owner. Now that I've found a steady editor, I'm sure the progress will roll right along. The cover for this work can be found on

Mythology is a common theme throughout a few of your works. Do you have a favorite myth?

There's not a "favorite" per say, more of the fact that a religion turned into a magical fiction intrigues me. The beliefs of mythology are usually one to interpret one of life's mysteries and comes with a story of origin for a piece of nature. I love the idea of many gods ruling the skies and battling over emotions of humanity.

Is there anything else that you want me to include on this post, or anything else you'd like to say?

The Life Tree will be exclusive to kindle owners. I'd also like to give credit to Barbara Florczyk for the awesome cover art and to Craig Marks for editing The Life Tree.

I do have to say, the cover is really pretty. Thanks so much for taking the time to answer some questions for me!

Now onto the review!

Title: The Life Tree
Author: Nicholas A. McGirr
Format: ebook
Pub. Date: April 1, 2013
Source: Nicholas A. McGirr


Four Stars.

There isn't hell around, but there isn't heaven. What is it like to be everywhere all at once, and yet to be rooted nowhere? There is only me, and even then, am I truly here? Such is the tone and ideas that are brought to light in the new novella, The Life Tree.


+The author does a really good job in handling the lucidity of the narrator. Though a lot of images were conjured up within these few pages, I didn't find any to be rushed or confusing. Though transitions were often quick, it was easy to follow along and coast along with the character through the vacant space of everything and nothing.

+I felt that this short story gave a pretty interesting viewpoint into the afterlife. The first place that people go to, generally speaking, is that you go to float with the angels in heaven, or get probed by demons in hell. But this idea of a "Life Tree" arouses interest, in that it is a special kind of purgatory where those who commit the ultimate sin are neither rewarded or punished. It's almost like a more metaphysical form of limbo.

+This ebook edition of The Life Tree also includes a further explanation of life trees, as well as the prologue and the first chapter of The Growing Dim Project, the first book in the Crossman McKnight series. Plus, if that isn't enough, an excerpt from Nicholas A. McGirr's book Life of Death.

The Life Tree is a short novella by Nicholas A. McGirr that is set to release on April 1st of this year. Though it is a fast read, it isn't one to be overlooked. This will attract those who are already fans of his work, and fans who just don't know it yet. If this is your first taste of his work, be sure not to skimp on the bonus material!

Also, be sure to check out his other work, including the anticipated sequel to The Growing Dim Project. Click the picture for the Goodreads page!


  1. Wow, this is a great interview and the novella sounds intriguing. All the book covers look very pretty, I would love to have them on my shelf!

  2. I love the cover for Book of Joel

  3. This was a great interview. It made me want to immediately search for McGirr's books on Amazon. I wasn't able to find the "The Life Tree". Do you know where I can find this? Thanks!

  4. The Life Tree won't be available until April 1st via Amazon :)