Friday, November 30, 2012

Kissing Coffins by Ellen Schreiber


Four stars.

** spoiler alert ** Kissing Coffins is the second book in the continuation of sixteen year old Raven Madison. At the end of the first book, she is left with the empty mansion of her (was) boyfriend Alexander Sterling and a mysterious note. She's heartbroken and confused- she thought she had found someone whose darkened lifestyle had matched hers, surely he couldn't just leave her like that... Could he?

Hellbent on seeing Alexander again, and with a clue acquired from inside Dullsville, she devises a plan to try and find her Gothic Mate and bring them together once more.

She first finds a mysterious white haired boy, who claims to know Alex, and promises to help her find him, but something doesn't quite seem right about it to Raven.

Unsure about the truth of the Sterling family, and this new, pierced boy Jagger, Raven soon finds that there may be more truth than legend to the town's rumors, and that maybe Alexander isn't the only one who has a constant thirst in Dullsville...

I think this book is a great continuation to the first novel, Vampire Kisses. I thought that this book had more suspense and drama, not to mention more of Alexander and Raven. I found myself grateful that Raven took initiative and decided that just because Alex left, didn't mean she would just give up and sulk about the love she'd lost. She plotted and tried to hunt him down. I didn't like the way that Becky, Raven's best and only friend, came off in this book though. I no longer found her to be an enjoyable character. I recommend this book to young adults, those who read the first book, and those in search of an easy to read, easy to follow paranormal romance.


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