Saturday, February 8, 2014

Mini Review: Vampsov 1938

Title: Vampsov 1938
Author: Daniel Ribot
Format: ebook
Pub. Date: June 7th 2013
Source: Author


Four stars.


Vampsov 1938 is a book that I think I was overdue for. It's a historically set vampire book that features murder, spies, and action in the Stalin-era Soviet Union. These vampires aren't like the ones that have been trending lately- no over-romanticizing or brooding here. The vampires in Ribot's novel are heartless, coldblooded killers out for blood. This book is rather gory, but all of the killings and action sequences are well written. It was a nice change to read about vampires kicking ass in a World War Two setting. I openly admit that I am not a typical fan of spy/historical books with a few exceptions, but I found it well paced and intriguing.

I would suggest having a basic ground knowledge of this era before you give this a read: If you're unfamiliar with WW2, it won't be the easiest of reads. I also had trouble once in a while keeping all the names straight, but to be fair that's something that I have with other books too.

I also have to comment on the title art. I love it, and I would totally hang a poster of this up on my wall.

Fans of war, vampire, spy, and crime novels would benefit from picking up a copy of Vampsov 1939. Thanks so much for the author for my chance to read it.


  1. This looks so bloody interesting- pun may or may not have been intended there. I LOVE World War Two era books, as you well know. Add cold hearted vampires and spies to the mix and I'm sold! I need this.