Friday, November 30, 2012

Slay Bells by Jo Gibson


Four stars.

Slay Bells follows a group of teenagers who are stranded at a mall set to open that weekend, only to have it delayed as a blizzard comes. It's scary enough in an empty mall, but what's making it worse is a Santa Claus who knows who's been naughty, and plans on punishing them all, one victim at a time. Mixed with a teenage romance plot line and old feelings that are stirred up from a childhood crush, there is plenty of action going on for "Santa" to watch.


Well, the first thing that stuck out to me about this book, is that it's a bit obsolete. They couldn't call for help because they had no cell phones, there was no automatic alarm response system set up in the mall. Though a plot like this is completely possible these days, I think it would have been far more complicated for the murderer to remain so mysterious for so long.

The plot was a bit predictable, but over all I was drawn in by the mysterious song lyrics of warning that "Santa" left behind, and I was constantly led astray while trying to figure out who had done it.

This is a good book for lovers of Christmas, but want their stories with a twist of murder mystery.


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