Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Guest Post, Giveaway, & Review: Never Say Never by Alison Tyler

Hello lovelies. I hope the week is treating you well so far. Today I'm excited to share with you a guest post from Alison Tyler, author of the book Never Say Never: Tips, Tricks, and Erotic Inspiration for Lovers. Keep reading for my review of the book as well as a chance to win a paperback of Never Say Never for your very own. Let's get started!

Guest Post:

Live a Kinky Life

I am old enough to have been married for 18 years. That is occasionally shocking to me. What’s more shocking to some of my friends is that the heat in my relationship is still—well—hot. Like, really hot.
So how do you get the hot?

Simple. I am here to give you all sorts of tips and tricks to dazzle yourself and your mate. See, I think what happens sometimes is that people simply forget to ask for what they want. They forget that it’s okay to lean in close—you know, really close—and whisper, “Oh, please…Do that. Oh, god, yeah. That.”

The “do that” is where I come in. Are you interested in voyeurism and exhibitionism (they go hand in hand, don’t they?), or are you all oral for cunnilingus and fellatio (don’t mind my slip of the tongue), or perhaps you’re ready to get your kink on with blindfolds, bondage, spanking, cross-dressing, and role-playing. I’ve got you covered—in a killer little latex dress, no less.

Never Say Never features sixteen full-length stories and a slew of snips and clips from my favorite authors in the business. Plus, I cast myself in the role of your dirty tour guide. I’ll punch your ticket, no problem.

Here’s a little bite-sized excerpt:

You don’t have to be a writer of erotica to live a kinky life. You only have to possess an imagination. That’s the sound bite, the one fortune cookie wisp of wisdom I hope to leave with you. When you start to explore what you want—what you need—you can turn your whole world upside down. And that’s a good thing. Thinking about feeling sexy all of the time is surreal. Imagine dressing for yourself and for your lover, finding the toys and the tools that arouse the two (or more) of you.

Soon you’ll realize that truth might not necessarily be stranger than fiction…but it definitely can be as fucking sexy. In fact, I think real sex—real life sex with all the unexpected qualities that go with it—is far more erotic than a make-believe world.

Take risks. There are two words to tattoo onto your forearm. If you’ve never watched porn, rent an X-rated movie together. If you’ve never tried a toy, visit a sex shop (in life or on line). Read each other smut out loud. Leave sexy notes (where you know the intended reader will find them). Give into your desires. Talk dirty. All the time. Make double-entendres. Then triple them.

Feel your heart race. Feel your body respond.

In the BDSM world, there is a concept of living a 24/7 life. 24/7 as the Master or slave in a relationship. But we’re all living 24/7 here. Nobody’s checking out at 23. Nobody’s cutting their weeks short to six. Make your relationship what you crave. Let your cup runneth over.

Live a kinky life.

My Review

Title: Never Say Never: Tips, Tricks, and Erotic Inspiration for Lovers
Editor: Alison Tyler
Format: Paperback, 232 pages
Pub. Date: April 15th 2014
Source: Cleis Press
Purchase: Amazon


Never Say Never is definitely not what I was expecting it to be when I picked it up, but that's not at all a bad thing. This book uses fiction to take sex tips and advice to the next step, giving the reader a glimmering temptation of what desires and fantasies can be theirs if they dare to take that step.

Each chapter within Never Say Never takes a specific kink or fantasy element, like role-playing or spanking, and takes an in depth look. Tyler includes teasing little excerpts of her favorite stories that involve the kink, and then goes on to offer bulletpoints and tips on how to best go about it to ensure pleasure for both parties. After that, there is a full size short erotic story to satisfy the building tease that the samples of writing drummed up. Those little bites of fiction gave me a new reading list; I will be looking up some of their full texts for sure.

These erotic stories are all well-written, and with any anthology/short story collection, I of course liked some more than others. However, I feel that each was a fair representation of their topic, and they definitely made each chapter sound all the more appealing, and something that made that little chained up voice in the back of my mind say "Hey yes, this, please!"

That being said, I really wish there was more tips and advice. The fiction was great and definitely sizzling, and conjured up a million ideas on what to do in my own boudoir. However, I was just expecting more nonfiction tools of the trade. I feel like this is a book that will be great for couples who kiiiiiiiiiiinda know what they want in their love life, but need a little kick in the pants so to speak on how to get started.

Thanks to Cleis Press for my copy in exchange for an honest review.


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About the Author:

Alison Tyler is the editor of fifty anthologies for Cleis Press, as well as collections for Harlequin, Plume, and Masquerade. Her lasted novella, Those Boys, will be out soon from Go Deeper Press. Visit her often at where she hosts bizarre contests and asks you to take pictures of her books in the wild.