Monday, July 6, 2015

Five Star Beauty Product Review: Eyeshadows by Printcess!

Good evening my lovely followers! Today's review is something a little different from my usual book selections. I was lucky enough to get to sample eyeshadows from the new fantasy line over at Printcess, thanks to the wonderful owner Beth!

This is the fantasy line! It (as of now) includes eight colors: Dragonscale, Marque, Direwolf, Gleeman, Sindarin, Wizard, Avalon, and Farseer. Before I even talk about the product itself, I positively adore the names of these eyeshadows! There are some cosmetics products where if someone asks what I'm wearing, it's something boring like "Oh, this eyeshadow is Rose Pink". Could you imagine how cool it would be to tell someone you're wearing a blend of Direwolf and Dragonscale? That's just awesome.

I wasn't sure what to expect, pigment wise. They look insanely bright in the little bags I received, but I've been fooled before. (Hot Topic cosmetics, I'm looking at you).

But these shadows are even brighter than I anticipated! I'm stoked about that.

This picture was taken in the insanely bright fluorescent light setting of my bathroom lighting, to best gauge outside lighting (since it was rainy out when I was doing this photo session). On the left, there are swatches of all the colors. On the right, I used Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion to see if I could get the colors to pop anymore. LOOK AT HOW AWESOME THAT PIGMENT IS! The primer barely made a difference, because the colors are already so bright. That is so amazingly awesome, I cannot stress it enough.

This was taken in indoor lighting. In order (top to bottom) the shades in both pictures are: Avalon, Farseer, Sindarin, Marque, Gleeman, Direwolf, Dragonscale, and Wizard got a bit cut off. My bad!

Since the line of colors is called "fantasy", I thought it was best to do a really dramatic, fantastical eye with them! I kept in mind that I go to the Rensaissance Faire almost every summer, and I got inspired by the water and fire nymphs that wander around the faire grounds.

The fire eye was done with a blend of Marque, Direwolf, Wizard, and Dragonscale on the top lid. The bottom liner is from the Urban Decay Electric Palette, in the shade "Slowburn". (Note: Apparently this shade isn't approved for eye use in the US, Canada, and Brazil. Oops.)

The water eye is done with Sindarin and Farseer on the top lid, and Avalon on the bottom.

Of course, I sure as hell know, I'm not going to do this time consuming of makeup everyday- so I did a more "everyday" shadow look too!

The top lid is a blending of Marque and "Black Dog" by Urban Decay. The liner is Revlon ColorStay Liquid Eye Pen in "Blackest Black". The lip color is "Merlot", a Lorac Pro Matte Lip Color.

Get It Now

You can check out the Printcess Store by clicking HERE! Be sure to look at all her other lines too: Literature, Fairytale, Western, Noir, and Romance!

You can also follow Beth's PINTEREST account for tips, tricks, looks, giveaways and more!

I would definitely purchase these in the future. They go on really smooth for a loose powder shadow. The pigment is absolutely insane, in a good way! I love the different lines, and that they're literary genres. I like that she updates her colors and lines fairly often, and I never know what she's going to release next (maybe a Gothic/Horror line? Wink wink, nudge nudge). Plus, the names are totally badass and I will love telling people that my eyes are covered in Direwolf and Wizard.

Thank you so much to Beth who sent me her shadows in exchange for my honest review!


  1. YAY!!! I'm so glad you loved them (I try not to play favorites, but I think the Fantasy collection is my fav, too). As always, great dramatic looks! :D
    And you might see a collection from your favorite genre, soon.... ;)

    1. You tease :P Thanks so much again for the chance to play with them!